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Fort Standard is a contemporary Industrial Design studio founded by Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings. Their collaborative work is an ever-evolving dialog between their unique perspectives and their shared approach to progressive design thinking. Working primarily in long lasting natural materials, their approach to design is often geared towards using traditional production methods in innovative ways. Having developed a distinct form language rooted in simplicity and functionality, their attention to detail, connections and materiality generate value through design in what Buntain and Collings describe as a “warm-contemporary” aesthetic.

Fort Standard offers a range of services based on innovative problem solving and design thinking and takes great pleasure in designing for different types of manufacturing processes. Fort Standard identifies opportunities within a manufacturer’s capabilities and works within their unique constraints to create thoughtful refined designs that compliment and elevate their brand. To date, Fort Standard has had the privilege to design products for Roll & Hill, 1882, SCP, Areaware and All-Clad.

Products & Furniture
Fort Standard designs and produces their own line of value driven products and furniture that act as the foundation of the studio. Producing long lasting, highly functional designs, Fort Standard’s ability to at as their own manufacturer not only informs their design process, it yields smarter products that exemplify an understanding of materials and the balance between form and function.

Brand Experience
Offering an all-inclusive combination of services, Fort Standard creates unique spatial environments by designing and building custom fixtures and furniture geared towards each individual brand’s needs and identities. Fort Standard creates more than just great furniture, they design an experience that elevates the brand’s image through spatial design. Previous clients include Warby Parker, Steven Alan, Fjallraven, Thrive Capital, General Catalyst and Mociun.

Special Projects
Fort Standard has taken advantage of unique opportunities to work outside of their normal spectrum of work including projects for The Museum of Art and Design (MAD), MoMA PS1, The American Design Club and most recently Wallpaper Magazine’s “Handmade” exhibition in Milan.

General Catalyst
Roll & Hill
Steven Alan
Thrive Capital
Warby Parker